Make-up & Jewellery Storage

By Sophie • Accessories, Cosmetics, Crafts, DIY • 28 Jun 2012

Jewellery and accessories look so pretty when hung and displayed lovingly upon holders, but sometimes it’s not easy to find one that’s beautifully crafted and at an affordable price. Luckily it’s easy to treasure hunt for items that can serve the very same purpose for your jewellery – and it looks far more original!

I happened to find an old vintage candlestick holder in the living room of my house (looking quite unloved and lost) and noticed it’s shape offered a perfect holder for my bangles and bracelets! The great thing is, these can be found in many second-hand shops like Oxfam or Save the Children for a very small amount of change. With just a few pennies and a little polish you have inexpensively added a quirky and  antiquarian piece of practical decoration to your room! I placed mine lovingly above my old fireplace :-)

As for make-up, I have a number of foundation, eye shadow and blush brushes I wanted to keep in easy access. Since I do a lot of drawings and paintings, I liked the idea of having a recycled glass jar as a container for my make-up brushes, as how I store my paint brushes and pencils. I just used an old honey jar but you can also find a variety of fancy and dainty jars and pots in all shapes, sizes and design in charity shops or car boot sales. I found this beautiful Silver Jubilee mug in a little Help the Aged shop in my hometown. I decided to use mine to display a cute bundle of heather sprigs my mum gave to me (wonderful for decoration as they don’t lose their colour when they dry out!).

Alternatively snip off the top flaps of a fancy perfume box, to upcycle pretty packaging! I love the embellished silver lettering on the Miss Dior line of Eau de Toilette.

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