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By Sophie • Accessories, Discount Shopping, DIY, For the house • 30 Jul 2012

It’s not rocket science, but I wanted to share my most personal space for those that may be curious about jewellery storage and where to get some cute trinkets to display!

Strange Curios Shops and Unknown Trinket Places

These are the best. And most often found in bizarre little villages and towns tucked away in the middle-of-nowhere-ville. Living in such a place myself there a couple of funny shops that make you wonder what the owner was thinking when they were puzzling over business ideas….

Superbly, these places are perfect for finding funny little curios and pretty ‘things’ that are cute for putting on a mantlepiece or shelf. Personally I’m a bit of a mis-match, semi-messy person. I like emporiums that have rows of odd bits and pieces sitting around – similarly with anique shops I could wander around for hours just peering at quirky objects that catch my eye.

Some of my own trinkets

In my room I had trinkets that were given to me and some I had bought myself. Russian dolls, carved wooden elephants and giraffes, cotton polka dot hearts, ribbon and wicker garlands and delicate hand-crafted fabric flowers are some of the things I had hung and placed.

Last week I went ‘thrifting’ in the little market town shops down the road. Our Help the Aged has a lovely collection of brass bells, figurines, spoons, miniature teapots, and interesting items. I opted instead to buy a cute little teacup with matching saucer and plate, along with an adorable petite teapot decorated with painted birds and leaves. I have a few things in mind of what to do with them which I will share soon once completed!

Here’s my small purchase -

Painted blue and orange teapot

Thrifting treasure finds - teacup set and teapot

I went into the garden to find some lovely aromatic lavender to arrange delicately into the teacup to add a little colour. Other simple ideas I have seen recently include pouring melted wax into the teacup along with a wick to create a vintage candle, and to use for as miniature ‘planters’ for small flowers!

Lavender in the garden

Cheap as chips! Thrifty find from Help the Aged



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