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By Sophie • Brands, Cosmetics, Places to shop • 21 Jul 2012

Skincare Routine That Works For Combination Skin

The Body Shop isn’t the cheapest of places to go to pick up skincare lotions and serums, however if you compare them in relation to Boots and even Superdrug, they really aren’t that dissimilar in price. I consider The Body Shop to be a luxury to me which is quite funny since there are lots of people that buy these kinds of products from Selfridges.

I wanted to share this review of the skincare products I use, as I have experienced amazing results and finally have clear skin! I should point out I have combination skin – i.e. oily T-Zone with normal skin on my cheeks. Since I also have sensitive skin, I have found it hard to find the right products for me. Thank fully this range has it all sorted!

Body Shop Skincare Range for combination skin

Personally I would say all these products are worth the buy – every single one has made a difference to my skin and I wouldn’t exclude any one of them from daily use. So what exactly are these magic potions I am taking about?

I chose three products from the Seaweed range (especially for combination/oily skin):

  1. Purifying Facial Cleanser – £7.00
  2. Pore-Cleansing Facial Exfoliator – £8.00
  3. Seaweed Clarifying Toner – £7.00

As well as three products from the Tea Tree range (especially for blemished skin):

  1. Skin Clearing Facial Wash – £4.50
  2. Night Lotion – £8.00
  3. Tea Tree Oil – £6.50

I also bought two accessories to use with these products:

  1. Luxury Facial Flannel – £4.00
  2. Facial Brush With Lid – £3.00

The Seaweed Range – How Good?Seaweed Clarifying Toner - Penny in a Fountain Review

The range for oily/combination skin uses seaweed as one of the main ingredients – and whilst it may not sound too appealing – there is no compromise on scent or texture.

Effectiveness: Excellent. The sales woman dabbed a little of the scrub onto my hand (I didn’t ask so was at first a little annoyed I would be all sticky!) and after  smoothing it over my skin absent-mindedly, I noticed what gorgeous feeling skin it left! If you have an oily complex this range is just fantastic – it’s mattifying and leaves your skin smooth, clear and OIL FREE!!

Value for money? Yes. 100% yes. I even got a Body Shop card for further discounts. Also – I bought all these products individually i.e. not the set they sell  (apparently it’s cheaper this way?)

The Tea Tree Range – The Difference?

Tea Tree Night Serum - Penny in a Fountain Review

If you have combination skin like me, you might not want to use lotions, moisturiser or serums especially designed for oily skin all over you face. Since I am very prone to blemishes and spots, I decided it would be a good investment to purchase a few items to tackle these problems.

Effectiveness: Amazing. The night serum I was told, can be used in a similar way to a spot treatment. So when you have a blemish, dab a little on the effected area only before going to bed. It depends on the blemish, sometimes the spot is gone by morning! Otherwise it makes an incredible difference in reducing the redness and inflammation. Which is exactly what tea tree is known for anyway!! The tea tree oil is worth the buy as a basic addition to any skincare shelf. It may not be used every day but it is a reliable product for blemished skin emergencies. I just add a few drops to cotton wool and dab onto the blemished area of skin.

Value for money? Hands down YES. Tea tree is antibacterial and known for its great medical properties. The serum is also said to help with scars which is a bonus!

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