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By Sophie • Beauty, Brands, Discount Shopping, Skincare • 1 Aug 2012

Affordable Alternatives to the Clarisonic Mia

I’ve always wanted one of those expensive facial exfoliators such as those in the Clarisonic range, but since I don’t have the money to spare I’ve found affordable and effective alternatives – saving you over £110!!


My range of facial exfoliators for radiant skin

Johnsons & Johnsons Daily Essentials Gentle Exfoliating Wash

Effectiveness: Very kind to skin! I have found in the past that quite a few other exfoliating facial washes have large exfoliating ‘beads’ that don’t seem to do much and feel like sand on my face. This one though, is one of my favourites. The ’rounded micro beads’ are so kind to the skin, and are very effective at polishing away the dead skin cells to leave my face glowing! The bottle does say it is suitable for all skin types including sensitive skin which is amazing too.

Price: £2.50

Where purchased: Asda (but I’m pretty sure I’ve seen it in Poundland too!)

Affordable Aapril facial pillows

Aapri Cleansing Pillows

Effectiveness: Great quality for a disposable product. Each ‘pillow’ has a textured side for exfoliating the skin, and a smooth side to gently cleanse. They are tough little pads, and I always feel rather tempted to re-use them for a couple of days! The two sides are actually two separate pads that are well ‘punched’ together. What I love about these is they already have a mild cleansing product infused within the pillow, so when made wet they foam without needing to use another facial wash product. They also smell deliciously of fresh apricots!

My routine: I like to use these in the shower with an exfoliating face wash such as the Johnsons & Johnsons one pictured (when not in the shower I find they work great without any extra face wash). Brilliantly Aapri pillows are perfect for my sensitive skin – and the packaging does say they are suitable for all skin types – however I’m not sure how these might react with everyone.

Price: £1.00

Where purchased: Poundland

The Body Shop facial brush - the manual version of the Clarisonic! Exfoliating skincare product for sensitive skin.

The Body Shop Facial Brush

Effectiveness: Lovely. When I first saw them in the shop I did think the bristles would be very harsh on my sensitive skin, however they are actually very soft! It makes such a difference when exfoliating - definitely much better than just using your fingers!

My routine: I like to add The Body Shop’s tea tree face wash to the brush itself or foam the face wash over my face first – then gently brush the skin in circular motions all over the face (re-creating the Clarisonic effect, only manually!). I like to concentrate on problem areas such as the nose and T-Zone just to ‘unblock’ the pores and scrub away the build up of oil. I also have certain areas along my jawline which are quite sensitive, but this facial brush doesn’t aggravate my skin at all :D

Price: £3.00

Where purchased: The Body Shop


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