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By Sophie • Cosmetics, Discount Shopping • 23 Oct 2011

Well I went home this weekend, and did a little bargain hunt around a small town near where I live. One of my favourite shops right now is Home Bargains- not cool but hey it’s cheap enough I can actually go to the counter with a full basket! Cheap beauty products and toiletteries. Love it now they have the Halloween and Christmas seasonal stock on the shelves too! Slightly cheesy and pathetic sounding I agree but at least I’m being honest..!

The best things I found were (don’t laugh); a cute Christmas mug at 79p (I wanted to get into the Christmas spirit), magnetic shopping list pad at 39p and a nice supply of Santé ‘Crunchy’ muesli bars at 19p each. If you have not yet tasted Santé bars, you simply have not lived and are denying your tasebuds something delicious. To put it comparatively, they are like an afforable Eat Natural bar (fy.i. Eat Natural r.r.p. @89p each). You don’t get the whole nuts but they have the yogurt covered amazingness, and are a super cheap snack to take to uni and the library.

Cute Snowman Mug


Crunchy Bars.. mmm

 After my trip to Home Bargains, I hit Bodycare. Another wonderous shop. Although, it is possible to find quite a few things the same price, if not cheaper in Superdrug or a poundshop, which is why I go here last on my list on most occasions how organised!

What I bought; Cyclax ‘Nature Pure’ Cocoa Butter body cream at 99p, Technic Highlights at £1.99 and WetnWild French Manicure nail polish at 29p. The highlights ‘beauty in a jar’ by Technic caught my eye, primarly because it was obvious by the packaging they are mimicking the Benefits original product ‘High Beam’ r.r.p £18.50. I am a self-confessed Benefit fan, and really should be paid by Benefit themselves for boasting about their product, however as my investment into such utterly yummy luxury cosmetics can only wait until I become a high flying business lady, I am until then lumbered with the purse-friendly alternative. It does actually look promising, and I shall be doing a little review to follow up shortly!

So, I bought the Cyclax Cocoa Butter in my quest to find a product that matches or at least doesn’t fall too far from the quality of Palmers original cocoa butter. After all it has the label pronouncing HRM Queen Elizabeth on it and I assume this means it’s good. I have tried it and I must say it isn’t too bad. The consistency isn’t too watery and it smells subtly of cocoa. No sign of an old lady scent (if that’s possible with cocoa butter?). For a 300ml tub it’s a great find, and I will definitely invest in this again as opposed to my trials with Superdrugs own brand, a horrible 50p one which can also be found at Bodycare, and Vaseline’s own take.

Next up the WetnWild nail polish. How brilliant – just 29p! Found in a sad looking crate in Bodycare, I have heard of these on Youtube reviews. They are American, and only picked up the French Manicure colour even though there was a cute pink one, as there was no price. Initially I intended this to be used as a basecoat or topcoat, and I will review this along with a bundle of other cosmetics I found below.

Packaged Poundland Cosmetics

I’m excited to present the bundle I purchased from Poundland, the third hit on my shop list. Grand expense paid: £4. All Rimmel products, and some almost identical to those which I also found still sold in Wilkinson!

  1. Glam’Eyes Colour Reveal Eye Brightening Mascara. Slightly different shade found in Wilkinson at £7.49
  2. Maritime 700 Trio Colour Rush Eyeshadow. Cheapest price found online at £1.99, r.r.p £6.20
  3. Wicked Sweep 200 U Rock Eyeshadow. Cheapest price £1.99 r.r.p. £4.95
  4. 60 Seconds 850 Hard Edged Nail Polish. Price on Superdrug, £3.69.

*AND All these prices are exclusive of delivery charges!

4 products for only £4 - not bad

Please find the video I will be posting on the cosmetics in the ‘Product Reviews & Tutorials’ page!

And that’s my shopping, I’ll be back soon with more finds so keep you eyes peeled :-) x x



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  1. Kate

    I love the mug….what a bargain!

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