Peruvian Primark

By Sophie • Accessories • 28 Oct 2011

Sometimes Primark really suprises me with the cutest little items! I went into the shop the other day for a browse and picked up a couple really sweet accessories from the jewellery corner.. In all honesty, Primark’s jewellery is very much hit and miss (80% of the time- definite miss) but on occassion it is possible to come stumble upon a dime!

So I was waiting for my friend and ended up taking a peek at the bracelets. What I found was a small section, ‘themed’ tribal/ethnic (like a Peruvian type style which is fairly popular right now – I say it’s popular but there was actually no one else interested in this jewellery until I started looking at it…). And what caught my eye that I had to spend a few pounds on? First, an understated little wrap-bracelet with a funky & colourful tribal pattern. It even has three poppers to adjust the fit! It does feel like it’s made from some type of leather/suede although I am not quite sure about that. Anyway it was £1 (probably a lot more than it’s worth but I thought it was quite unique!) and I even got it in two colours! A girl always has to think about colour-coordination :-}

Wrap-around Design

Another adorable adornment I purchased was a pretty flower-corsagesque bracelet. So super sweet! Truthfully, I was quite impressed with the quality – the dainty flowers are made from a felt-like material and the adjustable strap is of hemp-canvas. Absolutely lovely and only £1.50! The pastel shades of the flowers go so well with the pastel/pale colours in my wardrobe; very understated yet different and so so so cute!! Maybe it does make me look like I’m twelve but I like it.

More Primark Goodies!

My final find was a Thai-influenced design ‘leather’ cuff. I am guessing it’s Thai style from the flowers that have been etched into the strap, but either way it’s a very interesting and boho-kind-of-vibe piece of jewellery. Not exactly expensive looking, but it’s pretty therefore I immediate addition to my basket! This one was a humble £1.50.

That was just a little change spent (total of £5) on affordable accessories – more treasure finds from Primark coming soon!

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  1. Love the beautiful corsage bracelet very cute. I’ve been spending a lot of time looking at wedding accessories – and that is a total bargin!

    Looking forward to when Primark (finally) opens in Edinburgh.

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