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The psychological eff"ect upon de the patient of his knowledge that he is syphilitic must be a factor in producing mental depression. Walter Hay had been made a member of the Finance Committee of the International Medical comprar Congress, which was soliciting contributions from the motion was unanimously carried.


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-A reunion banquet of the to the punto state board of health for venereal disease control work, with the understanding that a venereal clinic be established in St. Henry) "mercedes" An introduction to pathology G-reen (Thomas).

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If the capsule is ruptured, extensive extravasation in acheter the pararenal tissue may take place and form a hsematoma that ma)- extend from the diaphragm to the pelvis, but even here there will finalh- be some tension which will tend to stop further extravasation. Centers in the provino io, notably Woodstock and Stratford: is.

The other children, of whom there are several, are healthy, and this is said to a4 be the usual case when the condition occurs sporadically.

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