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By Sophie • Cosmetics • 29 Oct 2011

H & M !!

The new love of my life. H & M, the devious cats, have kept a tiny secret from me all this time until now; AMAZING NAIL POLISH. OK, so maybe not the same as OPI (although I admit I haven’t tried it yet so that comparison just became redundant…) or expensive brands that make everlasting nail polish in teeny bottles for over ten quid.. but Jiminey Cricket, can they do incredible nail colour for a sexy price!

This darling pastel green ON TREND Disney collaboration only cost me £1.99. Only one coat, and it has stayed like this, chip-free, glossy and neat and completely fantastic still three days later!! Putting Rimmel’s ‘Pro’ and ’60 Second’ nail polish range to utter shame and embarrassment, I have found the future of all (well maybe 85%) my further nail colouring purchases at this shop. (*the remaining 15% awarded to Poundland)

Disney Bambi 'On Ice' (Pastel Mint Green)


Cute Colour!

I bought a small variety of colours from H & M, and really, they are all fabuolous. I have even recieved compliments (and come on, who compliments nail varnish unless it’s pretty darn lush?)

Only one thing let me down.. their very own ‘Cracked’ number. I was quite excited to try this stuff after seeing the adverts by Barry M, but it was not good. Perhaps because I bought black, I am not sure, it just looked reasonably crap. I even tried it over a base coat of pink, which matter-of-fact, looked even worse. Something I will try to find elsewhere I think. Anyway, the gold and the darker green shade (adorable!) were both priced at £2.99, and the ‘cracked’ disappointment at £1.99. Grand total for 4 new nail colours: £9.96. Not bad.. and I will be back to H & M !

H & M Selection!

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