Ideas for Bedroom Decor

By Sophie • Accessories, Discount Shopping, Funky • 27 Jun 2012

In my final year at university I moved into a lovely and very charming Victorian terraced house. I realised I didn’t have enough storage for things like my jewellery, bits of make-up and had a desire to decorate the bare nutmeg walls. This is a tour of my room, for those thinking of making their space a bit more their own.

Firstly I have a very sweet dark mohogany-esque framed vanity mirror which I have hung above the Victoria fireplace. This is the perfect place to hang delicate necklaces (and bits of dangly decorative things like flower garlands and cowrie shell necklaces) as well as pin up a few photographs and holiday postcards.

Hanging up paintings or pictures on the walls add colour and a homely feel. The best tip is not to use sticky tape or blue tack – as these will only damage the paint and you’ll be asked to pay for the walls to be re-painted! I put up a long batik painting I was given from a relative, and another I had purchasaed as a souvenir from Simonstown in South Afrtica. I love finding a place for my souvenirs to sit in my bedroom so I can remember my holiday.

Strings of beads, bells and ornaments add colour and an eccentric touch to walls if they are painted a muted or pale subtle tone. I bought my embellished family of elephants from a market stall and felt at home surrounded by my other paintings and items featuring the same tusked creatures!


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