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By Sophie • Brands, Clothing & Footwear, Places to shop • 2 Jul 2012

A month ago I was on the hunt for some new trainers. I searched high and low in Manchester City Centre for something suitable- comfy, wide fitting and in a  size 3. Miniature I know :) . So I went everywhere I could think of. Topshop, Footasylum, Office, Aldo…. I won’t bore with a exhaustive list! Long story short and some poor customer service along the way, I found a pair just going over my price budget but not costing the Earth, AND most importantly NOT CONVERSE OR VANS! My sad looking Vans were the very reason for the need of a new pair in the first place (truthfully I had worn them loyally for 12 months) but anyway….

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Superga. Firstly I am in love with their advertising with Alexa Chung. I think that’s what got me. I admit their marketing ploy snared me in their trap. I bought a gorgeous maroon shade resembling my favourite summer fruit, picota cherries! The downside I could see instantly was the canvas material. A slight issue in such a wet country, hence why I refuse to purchase Converse (amazing how they sell so many white ones here!??).

Well I had spent many hours looking for shoes and hadn’t found anything else I liked so bought them. The Classic ’2750′ flavour (do they last 2750 miles….?) are a lovely shape, I like the round toe, and the colours they have available are very pretty… indigo blue, safari green, citrus yellow… And great for those with a wider foot like myself!

However, after only two days the outside lining material on the inside back heel of the shoe started to come away – to reveal the rubber inside. Not very nice to look at and quite uncomfortable. And after paying £45 for these from Schuh I wasn’t too impressed.

I wanted to write this review purely out of annoyance and to just give a warning to people considering buying these. I suppose this is what you get for a canvas shoe, but at £45 you’d expect them to be better quality. Ironically I bought a pair of GStar kicks from the bad-ass boys TKMaxx – get this – real suede outer, leather inner lining, and only £25 (RRP £70!!).

The lesson. TKMaxx are superstars. Superga are not that cool.

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